Bitcoin ALERT: BAAKT Exchange will RIG & DESTROY Crypto Prices!! (Bix Weir)

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Say it ain’t so!! The introduction of BAKKT Bitcoin Derivative Trading is NOT good for cryptos. It’s the ultimate PRICE CONTROL MECHANISM to suppress and control crypto prices just like they did with gold and silver! Click here to download the FREE APP!


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  3. Very negative Bix, surely this will open crypto to the wider public and increase the awareness about bitcoin and other assets, I hope with the new regulations from the FAT will stop wash trading and end up being positive for the crypto space.

  4. Well they are at it again. Suppression, manipulation, and control. Sounds familiar. Gold and silver treated the same way. These criminal banks will never let cryptos supersede their monopoly. Just like the stock market, high-frequency trading, Hedge funds, Dark money, gold and silver manipulation, computer controlled trades, LIBOR manipulation, and all of their criminal activities in all markets since day one. Cryptos are just another concoction to give people the idea of freedom but all controlled by the big banks in the ultimate end. It sounds good, but it will always be controlled by the bad guys. There is too much at stake for them to let anything supersede their monopoly. Plus there are too many people invested in the rigged game for it to change. It is like entering a casino. You will never win in the long run. The house rules. The House is the FED.

  5. It’s going to be just like the comex. That’s probably why it’s pumping so high right now, so they can short btc when bakkt goes live. Calling for 1m btc next year, is a bit of a stretch, especially if a futures exchange is about to open. Don’t care if they’re “physically settled”. Just extend the contract before it expires to keep the short position open, just like the comex.

  6. Being diplomatic but I used to love LTC until I realized that the means of exchange LTC will have is at best retail. Xrp on the other hand is everything institutional and global settlement and remittance.

  7. I don’t think it is any coincidence that BAKKT & Facebook’s Global coin is launching around the same time, will Global coin, which is supposedly is a stable coin, be another Tether that is used for manipulation on a larger scale?
    Remember the quote from Rothschild, Give me control of the finances (money), and I care not who make the laws.

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