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  1. If im not a gamer… What can i use this for?? Im 37 and got it as a gift. I dont know what to use it for. And i haven't played games since i was 13 yrs old…

  2. The best way to play high movement games where you do 360 turns and really feel mobile is Quest. Having my Rift S with ceiling tethers, you feel the tug of the tether as you move around, and if you attempt a few turns, the cord twists where you feel scared that the wire will snap. The quest masters freedom of movement, something that even the upcoming valve index at $1000 can not compete in as valve index still has a wire attached on it. If you dont need to turn 360, are not very mobile in your games and need the best graphics and framerates, get valve index. If you can deal with reduced graphics, no SteamVR store but want real freedom of movement, get the Quest. But be aware also, that the Quest loses tracking in the area right in front of your face, making first person shooters aiming downing the sight lose tracking sometimes.

  3. not gonna lie i only watch ur videos because you make them first and i get to see the unit, but i dont trust most of what you both say all i hear is 100% paid up votes on every product you review and your criticism is always at a minimum i might be wrong but you just seam like paid reviews and i cant trust that

  4. Thank you for this review. Just wish the transcript can be added so I can read. Sorry English is not my first language but you guys are awesome. Thank you again.

  5. what i would buy is an oculus quest that can run like a rift s or vice versa. meaning i can plug the quest when i need to and unplug when i dont.

  6. I'm looking to get a VR and I'm not sure what one to get, my friend recommended the Oculus Quest to me even though he has a HTC Vive. I tried his Vive and I loved it. I'm just not sure what one to get. I also have a vr ready pc do I can get a Vive if I decide to get one. Any opinions or anything like that would be great.

  7. This is all nice and everything, but when it comes to Games and Graphics? I can upgrade my pc and graphics card for better graphics on my VR. This is the first VR console. Nice, but not Great.

  8. Always informative & chilled to talk about this wonderful emerging technology of VR/AR/MR.

    I had planned on buying the Quest, but a friend had me come over to do un-boxing/setup/play of his new Quest.
    In brief words, front heavy HMD on Quest after an hour of game play (wear glasses), felt the weight of the HMD. Tracking not as good as the Rift.Light in the room was more than enough.
    I find the balance of the Rift HMD on my head works better than the GO, HTC Vive 1 gen and Pro. Will stick to Rift until something really special comes along. Valve is interesting…but will try it before evaluating.
    Different strokes for different folks. Thank you.

  9. WHY is no one talking about the warning! On this thing. The label that says its known to give you cancer and idk what it can kill you

  10. It's great that theyr'e stand-alone but does that mean they can't connect to your PC and play your existing library? Because to me that's a big drawback.

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