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  1. Nobody:
    *Me*: here's my dream smartphone
    OnePlus 5t form factor (size and bezels)
    HTC Boomsound speakers from the HTC one m8
    OnePlus 7 pro screen of course
    Expandable storage (why the fuck is Samsung the only one still putting that in their phones?)
    Headphone jack
    Big ol' battery

  2. And plus foldable phone, connecting USB c to monitor become full windows desktop, so we donโ€™t need laptop anymore, thatโ€™s my dream phone cause I am sick of having to devices ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I would keep rear fingers print sensor just for the swiping function (opening notification and scrolling). So maybe just a touch sensitive circle on the back ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ.

  4. marques u should talk about how iphoneโ€™s instagram story, and androidโ€™s instagram story have a quality difference idk it might be just me

  5. If we're giving something all that power, we may as well give it some sort of Chrome OS that runs Android and Linux stably and without killing the battery immediately and a full desktop mode, enabled through USB-C!

    Of course, maybe I'm only thing this way because I've been able to use my Pixelbook for literally everything I've wanted to, so far, except for C Sharp development and SQL (because I haven't learned it; not because it's not possible), then I'll just watch YouTube for hours like any other laptop without all the extra weight of a "full" OS! Or I'll open the Android Newsstand app and flick though the news for a while in a way that's actually a pleasing experience!

  6. I really wonder… Why can't a company just make this "dream phone" with the super low Poco price and all.. but only manufacture like about 100 of them then it's done? They won't get bankrupt because of the very limited stock they pushed out. 100 of those phones in the whole world. But what the company will get is more exposure and everyone will start talking about that phone and THAT company. Phone reviewers will go nuts over the phone and the company's name will spread and go overly viral on the internet and everywhere. That's good advertising to me.

    Okay, obviously I'm no good at business and money but can someone just tell me why companies just don't do this??

  7. Nightmare phone:
    1. Price – iPhone Xs Max
    2. Battery – iPhone Xs
    3. No headphone jack
    4. 540p display at 6.7"

    5. 20mm thick
    6. 2MP camera with no flash
    7. No charging port, only wireless charging

  8. I want a phone which has display from samdung, design form OnePlus, processer from apple, camera software from Google, camera hardware from Huawei, at xiaomi's price! ๐Ÿ˜…

  9. I agree! That would be my dream phone too, as an Android. Especially the more squared edges, bezels for the front facing speakers and camera. Perfection!

  10. Nobody:

    Literally Nobody:

    Me: im broke so my dream phones just a simple Oppo Reno, i like traveling n taking pictures, no need for an expensive phone that does almost everything thevsame as a phone half the price.

  11. I'm just commenting as I'm watching the video I think also that 120 Hearts might be Overkill but if you take that you should go for 5000 milliamp battery and also go for Oppo vocc charging since it could get 30 minutes at 100%

  12. Same for a lot of it but you can still get smaller bezels and still have front facing speakers. The dream phone would have Xiaomi's under display front facing camera tech and I'm still a fan of the back fingerprint sensor so why not both? Under display and on the back. Heck, throw in face id while you're at it, you can put whatever you want below the screen with the new emerging tech. Lastly, I think you forgot to add a customizable button. That's the dream phone right there.

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