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  1. I am an enormous Contra fan I think I’ve beaten each game in the franchise.

    I honestly don’t think this looks as bad as everyone else. It’s a fun take as twin stick shooters are so popular. Game franchises can change. However, I do find the characters a touch lame? Maybe? I really just like the generic buff dudes or the probotectors.

    I will buy and give it an honest chance

  2. This is like the whole Metal Gear Survive incident. The game is nothing like past entries but shamefully caries the title when it is not deserved.

  3. What this should've been was what SEGA did with Sonic Mania. The same look but with a different feel and story. Hell, it didn't even have to be NES Contra, the Contra III look would've sufficed.

  4. Just make a 2D gorgeous pixel art new Contra game. Hard as hell with classic throwbacks and it would do well. This doesn’t look nor vibe Contra whatsoever.

  5. This is contact in the way that MGS5 is Metal Gear. Uses the name to pedal something we didn't want. MGS5 has great gameplay but lacks everything that made it unique.

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