FPV simulator vs Real Life || Race Day Episode 2 || Drone Racing

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If you curious what the life of a drone racer looks like, buckle up and enjoy the show! We’ll meet many local and national pilots as we see how far yours truly can push his drone racing skills. We’ll talk gear/tech, learn new racing techniques, and have fun in this crazy sport called drone racing!

In today’s episode we’ll be exploring my experience going into race day “blind.” Having not yet flown the track on the simulator, I was curious what the difference would be between me and the other pilots at this weeks The Other Guys event.

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– Thutmose – Run Wild
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  1. Dope! You totally proved it, great flying in A main. Always enjoy our battles. In the end I messed up the launch and then mid aired trying to catch up. You flew your race and kept in control great job. To me the Sim mainly helps get the most out of the track and better prepared on race day. I’ve noticed more frequent tighter groupings and competition when the pilots come prepared and it’s super fun to watch earlier than later in the day

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