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  1. How can ur cloth can change in a single video…. First it was blue and then it got changed to grey greeeeeennnnn…… But of course ur this video wassssssssss superbbbb🙂🙂🙂🙂

  2. that crap is garbage!! unless theres a software that basicly allows you to take over the original functions of the phone and basicly just make it so the head set uses the phones sensors, screen, audio sub system and processor to give the vr experience while being connected to the pc fro which its getting its data its just gimmic junk

  3. Hello! A long time ago, I owned a 1st model gear vr with my galaxy s6 edge. I got rid of it because it kept overheating. Does anyone know if the latest version of the gear vr has overheating problems? I have a galaxy s9. Does the headset cause battery life issues? If anyone can get back to me on this, that would be great!

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