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  1. I love how, in all the years Star Wars has existed, no one ever noticed just how sparingly the lopping off of limbs was used. This isn't a big deal, for crying out loud.

  2. I know this has nothing to do with the purpose of this video, but was this video recorded with a phone or something ? both the audio and video are kinda bad

  3. It’s ridiculous how Di$ney has all these creativity destroying ‘canon’ requirements when the new Disney canon itself hilariously retcons itself from project to project. Every new movie, game, comic and novel contradicts the last one. So unlike during the prequel era we don’t have a ton of different creative games coming out and we don’t even have a consistent canon. The worst of both worlds. Disney and EA deserve each other.

  4. Ooof….Disney just killing the star wars franchise even more. Honestly I wish Disney never bought the right to the star wars franchise. Cause they're just milking the franchise day by day

  5. Well, according to science if an actual light saber were to touch a humanoid lifeform it would pop in a spray of blood and bones kind of like a MK fatality.

  6. Why buy the game then? That’s not realistic at all with the lore and universe. The real reason is because they want kids to buy the game. Pathetic.

  7. At least IGN can rest easy after playing a session of this game every other night, since… ya know it would be a bit to real

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