Bitcoin BREAKS $9000!! And I'm still Buying BTC

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Bitcoin BREAKS above the $9000 Resistance. Huge movements in politics: US – China Trade War, HK Protests, Italy potentially leaving the EU – mean that we need a currency thats borderless and free from government !! I’m dollar cost buying Bitcoin.
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I’m not a professional financial adviser and you should always do your own research. I may hold the cryptocurrencies talked about in the video.


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  2. FOMO stands for "Fear of Missing Out" and a FOMO trade is simply a tradeyou enter out of fear of missing the move. When a stock experiences sudden volatility, it can make sometraders very anxious.

  3. I kinda of wish you said "make your own money" at the beginning when u did the head move and said "Im not your financial advisor"…😂

  4. I understand you are having a hard time getting the full picture of what investing in something new and disruptive like cryptocurrencies is all about.
    Let me help you with this analogy.
    Investing in assets is like buying a house, for the purpose of reselling one day.A wise businessman buys a house in a place he sees development is coming very soon (1-2 years and above).He sees a future where markets,businesses,residential buildings, companies and factories will one day be built in this place.
    To tap in this future, he buys a house and keeps the papers.
    But investing in crypto is much more exciting. This is because the wise businessman does not only foresee what is going to happen in the future, but he is already seeing the machines and tractors clearing places to commence building of markets, factories and residential buildings.It is like hearing the government announce that they are going to be moving the capital of Usa to a small town in a small state.
    And not only did the government announce this, but they have started erecting buildings for prime ministries, presidential and other official residence.
    What will a wise businessman do when he hears this?
    He will immediately buy a house or a land in this small town.
    This is the way the Cryptocurrency space is right now.Infrastructures are being built everyday, governments and banks are putting up guidelines to enable them regulate and tax it accordingly.The smart investors know this, and they are silently scooping up large quantities of cryptocurrencies.But instead of keeping receipts and certificates of ownership as the man who bought a house would do, this smart investor is keeping passwords, usernames and private keys (strings of numbers and letters).It is not late for anyone to get on this train before it leaves the station.
    If it leaves the station, you will pay a higher price to get in, and you won't enjoy the journey as you would have if you had got in earlier at the station.If you are interested on how to invest, go right now contact RYAN BLUE ( he we teach you all it take to be an investor for free.

  5. Hey Boxmining, since you believe in the power of giving without restraint or Government regulations, feel free to send some Bitcoin love my way:

  6. Found your channel on Steemit about a year ago, then today popped up in my YT feed for the first time (y) great content and a genuine perspective

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    Tepper is reliable, honest, consistent and very experienced in bitcoin investment and advise, i highly recommend you contact him at Snr.tepper at gmail com) whatsapp @ +1 (202) 866-6783 and thank me later

  8. Rare coins are the best comparison to "Bitcoin". Everyone recognises them as limited supply and thus appreciating in value over time. But only 1% recognise Bitocin as asset. That 1% who believes needed education from evangelists before they convert. It is a cult religion like MLM.

  9. This has got to be the best crypto video i have ever seen (and i have seen loads over the passed 2 years). You sum it up brilliantly Michael. have you seen bitcoin and friends?

  10. The only threat to crypto now is climate catastrophe, can humanity be trusted to nurture and heal earth or continue to exploit and poison it.

  11. I'm absolutely 100% in crypto and BTC but would still call myself,,rookie,, so maybe I'm still affraid a lot!!!!!I love BTC and idea of freedom but can't stop thinking about governments and all those really big shots who will do anything and everything to have as many slaves as possible. I'm wondering what will they figure out to make our beautiful vision murky 😕

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