Facebook Coin Backlash, The Facebook Bank, Assets Into Bitcoin, Litecoin Card & Bitcoin Token

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  1. I feel that they are trying to stop bitcoin and other crypto for the public from growing. The secret is bitcoin is suppose to crazy bull again middle/late 2021. Do the math people it only booms πŸ’₯ every 4 years since it was created in 2009. Elites are trying to stop this with Facebook. My advice to people is not to use Facebook’s so called crypto currencies.

  2. If Facebook and the Libre Consortium asks permission (bows to regulatory authority) they don't need to be broken up because they will be just a puppet.
    If they do not ask permission and just do Libre coin, then they cannot be broken up because any "break up" will be only for show.
    At some point a huge company (or huge group of companies) will be large enough to tell any government, "get lost, we play by our own rules."

  3. largest bank does not mean the biggest bank. By far not. The biggest Banks are in the Trillions of AUM. It will become Paypal but bigger.

  4. The FB coin is prelude/entry to a social scoring system and Orwell's world. I know, the majority doesn't give a s*it about it (exluding an audience in here). I say those libra buyers: "don't whine later that you supported/allowed to happen it (totalitarity, orwell's world, complete prison and mind-body slavery)."

  5. Will Libra make altcoins like XRP, Stellar, Nano and others obsolete? Who can compete with FB, which has backing by VISA and already has 2.6
    billion people who will use it?

  6. I thought of it yesterday…you think that Zuckerberg talking with Gemini and Coinbase was for information? With the team that he have he never needed anybody more to achieve this, they are already discuss the BTC/LBR comparison and the possibility to exchange LBR into BTC and other crypto…Zuckerberg wants it all and this is gonna be H.U.G.E

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