How To Setup Airtel eSIM Easily – Convert Single SIM to Dual-SIM

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In this Video, #AmitBhawani shows you the #Airtel #eSIM Process that took no more than 3 minutes to complete & how we got the New Virtual SIM Card on our …


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About the Author: Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar)


  1. this is misleading video . iphone has two imei and is thus true dual sim . on pixel you cannot use both sim together as it has just one imei number. dual sim means ability to get call in any of the 2 sims without making config changes . that capability is missing in pixel . surprised how an expert techtuber like you did not talk about this

  2. भाई आप का बोलने और समझाने का तरीका यूनिक है, मेरे तो फेवरेट हो आप यूटूबर….

  3. Some things are missing in this video.

    1. Can v use e sim of different operator or we ha e to use e sim from the same operator jisk ham physical sim use kr re hain

    2. Dono me plans alag alag padege ?

    3. Ek postpaid ek prepaid use ho skta h ?

  4. Tutorial pahlese malum that , my do mahne pahle hai try kiya aur dodin pixel 3a me esim use kiya aur band hua , ab try kiya to esim , QR code ara hai Magar scans nahi hora hai , Airtel aur Google customer care Ko bahut bar contact karneke Baad akgir do din pahle dono ne ye bola Abhi India me Airtel esim pixel 3a support nahi karta , only it support only iphones ?

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