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  1. Me: buying new phone at the electronic store
    E.Store: we have s8, s9,s,10, oneplus7, Huawei p30pro, iphone x, iphone x max, iphone r.
    Me: what is the price of that sm-j2 it's a 130$
    Me: damn it's too expensive i need to wait another two years.

  2. Simple, iPhones gives you your money’s worth more because they’re supported with the latest OS for 4-5 years & have great resale value. My 6s Plus from 2015 is on iOS 13 Beta 2 & it’s blazing fast with some Beta bugs here & there mostly on Snapchat & Instagram.

  3. Agreed. I still use my Samsung S4 with a replacement battery which is 6 years might be slow but it still works need to upgrade for me…

  4. Nothing changed from the iPhone 4 until now, in terms of how I use it. Its faster, better cam, but the same experience. I upgrade every 4 years or so.

  5. Battery life, camera, software and security update, good signal reception, sturdy build. So, why choose "premium" glass body, shady signal reception (Hello, Intel), gimmick emojis etc for $1000?

  6. All smartphone company need to make budget/midrange smartphones. Apple doesnt have any product in this segment. Samsung, on the other hand, have A series and M series. Also Huawei with the likes of P30 Lite and Nova 3i. Flagship should release once in two year.

  7. Good job, Lew.

    Probably a mini-uptick when 5G networks are available and phones support them. But tiny camera improvements aren’t going to draw in the buyers.

  8. Apple’s current flagships are stupid expensive, but the company simultaneously provides excellent software updates for older phones (4+ years with no delays). So, those 2 things combined make this news not shocking lol.

  9. the premium iphones are too damn expensive. I want to own an iphone 8 + space grey. I touched and looked at the iphone xs and xs max and the screen and the phone is really premium. the oled display looks so fucking great, but the iphone 8 is still a really nice phone and way less expensive. the reasons ill be buying an iphone 8 + and the iphone x is discontinued and soon the iphone xs.

  10. Well I'm one of those people that still loves the home button, fingerprint sensor, force touch. I dont much care for face id. Dont care for the price tag, although I brought a 7+. The 7+ is the perfect size but these phone are too big now. They don't blend in the background anymore. To big to carry on the waist to big to carry in the pocket. To be honest the only company thats paying attention is Motorola. Modular is the future. You keep your phone long time and add value. Only problem is that moto won't to do this in the premium space where it would probably thrive.

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