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In this new documentary series, we explore virtual reality as a new medium for entertainment and human interaction. Download Unreal Engine 4 to create your …


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  1. I make a game.Because I not make.I make 2d mobile fall game.but I have some problems.this is my e-mail .please please please help me…

  2. Nice work here, guys! I'm inspired to go back to work on a Sunday, pushing boundaries with awesome creative content. We need more content out there!

  3. "..and in the back of my head I'm thinking 'this isn't real, this isn't real', but it SEEMS so real. And there's a robot that jumps out at the end, and I jumped. Because your brain's an idiot and VR fools it."

    I absolutely lost it at "your brain's an idiot" xD, he looks so sincere saying that.

  4. Im making a horror game , and i want to make it for vr but i dont have a occulus rift
    or something
    comon bring them on the market

  5. VR is BS just like 3D movies or motion controls, it's been around for decades, yet now it's getting billions of dollars of marketing poured into it so it will catch on. However, it will not change gaming – just make it more gimmicky, that's all.

  6. I really really REALLY want HTC to survive financially so they can deliver their Vive VR headset…
    Those 4-5 months until they release it are the longest…

  7. You should of thrown a bone at HTC Epic. You're constantly referring to the 360 degree camera rotation yet you don't mention walking around or how we finally have sub-millimeter motion controllers now (Touch and Vive controllers)

  8. I tried DK1 and was unimpressed. I need to try a newer VR device to really tell. I think I'll love VR for stuff like Star Citizen and racing games, I just highly doubt I'll experience it like these people.

  9. There is one thing that i am waiting for – Dark Messiah of Might and Magic with VR! Those cut scenes, those awesome fight-mechanic with VR – incredible!

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