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  1. Y'all are being tricked by this. They're manipulating you through nostalgia. It's the same exact movie except now there's none of the charm or magic in the animation.
    The original was made to tell a story, this was made to cash in on peoples nostalgia.

  2. This Is Absolutely Incredible having Lion King And Aladdin all Remade at the same time in real life perspective. It gives me GOOSEBUMPS just hearing all these classic Musical Songs. I might be get caught crying during this movie. My Favorite Disney Film of all Time. Can't Wait!!

  3. Reminder that Simba and Nala are technically siblings due to Mufasa being the Pride Alpha, and thus, having a harem of Lionesses.

    You’re welcome.

  4. Guys you can already see this scence atm. Lions mate all the time and then just play the "can you feel the love tonight" on the background and your set.

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