Bitcoin Bounces Back! Don't FEAR BTC Dips! How to Tell When BTC's Price Will Drop. Altcoin Update

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  1. What is the best option now if you have Alts. Dump at a loss or hold and wait? I'm thinking of joining the group but just need some convincing that it is worthwhile if Ihave a small portfolio

  2. I do hope everyone takes your advice and moves to Kucoin! It is my favourite exchange stocking some rarer ALTs (eg: TE-Food great project).I have had a couple of queries on it (problem turning out to be my fault not KuCoins).  The support tickets were answered quickly, politely and thoroughly. Everyone has problems , its how we fix them that matters.

  3. As a U.S. citizen, is there an exchange which I can trade your trading group's coins on without using a VPN? After looking at a couple of groups over the last two years, this appears to be the best one by far. Will join per the above patreon link if I can find an exchange or platform that offers the coins your group recommends. Coinigy? KuCoin?

  4. You sold yourself! Instead of telling people how to stick to BTC like in your early days and not selling those up and down swings, you've become a seller. Selling all these swings up and down makes no sense, if you think that we are going to the 100k, it is risky and pure greed. Only a few people hit the points to buy and sell, anyone who had heard of your rate at 6k can sing a song of it. Who should take profits if you shout at every thousand of the high "take profits!" ? that's ridiculous! Take profits lol and when people should buy in again before they even have the chance to take profits again? if ever again?

  5. All possible price drops you mentioned before did not take place. It seems like it does not matter what you say, because you are lying right up or down anyway.

  6. Take profits Take profits, lol, you say that since then BTC has risen from 6000 to now, when would people have been back after they took 6 or 7000 profits? That's such a cheap marketing slogan. Unbelievable how you sell yourself. Now comes the bull market and you and your team are selling you even more to the noobies, this is not art in ascending courses. Pied piper of Hameln I say only.

  7. What's going on with kucoin? I just tried to activate my account and the country of origin drop down box in kyc verification does not list United States! So I can't buy or link account.

  8. In 2009, the first Bitcoin units were mined on computers.

    10 years later in 2019, the first Pi units are being mined on phone. It's big!

    50,000 active miners already within 12 weeks.

    First halving was at 1,000 miners, second was at 10,000. 3rd halving will be in a few days at 100,000 miners.

    Mining ends after the 6th halving.

    App store and Play store search "Pi Network"

    Code: simken

  9. Bearish Rally? Will be healthy to drop back down to ~US$6.3k-7.5k I believe, where the 100DMA to middle of Ichicloud is? I think. Need to retest that, then I will feel safe that this is a real rally.

    I've stopped cost-averaging in since it passed 7k as a very small retail investor (not a trader), unless there's a retest close to that range. But just my personal view.

    Too much FOMO atm and irrationality, which is worrying to me in the mid-term?

    Will start buying again and slowly add a portion of my salary to my ledger cold storage stash if it does fall back to close to USD7k.

    I'm happy with my holdings so far anyway, since I've been cost averaging from 5k to 11k during the bull market, and then start again at 6k and all the way down to 3.4k during the bear market, and up again till 7k. 🙂

  10. Hey great to know about Multicoincharts, just what I've been looking for, since I only have a free acc on tradingview. Many thanks Chris.

  11. If Libra takes off, it will grant Zuckerberg more power than anyone in history. More users than the dollar. It's scary, considering he makes decision outside of facebook's board often.

  12. We'll have to dump hard for the institutions soon', I'm not sure they were ready for it to move this fast and would like us to dump for them.I'm ready to dump if encouraged this time and will buy in with them.

  13. After so much of been scammed +19728840730 ..really surprised me …he just funded 0.05btc into my coinbase wallet within 1hour Text him via whatsapp for yours

  14. There is a chance we are in a bear rally. There are more btc in play now than in 2017. When the sell signal hits it's going to be chaos.

  15. Chris throw a dog a bone pretty please , possible ethereum top price target ? I have my ideas I like to compare notes with you , 1k seems reasonable as top but i estimate maybe 780 to 855.. what do you say on it , anyways I'm just enjoying a estimate / past price history speculation , just say if I'm ball park if you want, you don't have to drop a number . or tell me I'm chasing my tail anyways thanks Chris 🙂

  16. Why should I stay subsribed to your channel if you keep the most important info to your payed subscribers and you spend 5 minutes per video chillin your OWN products?

  17. Facebook even copied the ''LIBRA'' name.. i've seen a crypto coin more than a year ago called LibraCoin, i believe it was a lending coin ponzi scam that went down eventually. Interesting how facebook copied their name

  18. I like Kucoin, too.
    Had problems with other exchanges but never Kucoin. And i agree, Chris, KCS could do very well going forward. I got some.

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