I Return As Your ULTIMATE VR WAIFU! | VRChat Adventures (Virtual Reality)

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Here we are – returned to my roots, fresh and ready to entertain you guys like crazy! I genderbend my model and become the Pickup Lion Queen! I show it to …


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About the Author: HaWXx Is Rippin


  1. Hi Hawxx. U got me hooked on the whole Yandere playlist. Love ur content man. I haven't stopped laughing. I look forward to more! <3

  2. Uhhh what. Don't quit please omg. You are literally the only VRChat person that I like to watch the most. I only watch VRChat videos from you and nobody else really.

  3. Soooooo Hawx how it feels to be a female in vrchat Does it feels great or weird? P.s do not forget about the lewd people when you are a female.πŸ˜‰

  4. *Sees thumbnail
    *Sees intro
    I have questions…

    Loved everyone's reaction on the awesome new avatar, especially the clip with Thamriyell and the one with Bonfire.

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