Oil Taps Turbulent on Middle East Turmoil & Bitcoin Hits a Bullish Tear

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Market-Watchers around the world are focused on the Strait of Hormuz again today, as the U.S. president imposes sanctions over the downing of a US military drone. Rick Rule of Sprott Holdings is on Hand to Help us tap into the consequences of conflict on oil prices, and what we can expect in the sector going forward. Plus, Middle East turmoil isn’t the only concern for the global economy as the trade war friction continues to wear down the world’s top countries, but surprisingly enough, the tussle has created unique opportunities for some nations. Mollye Barrows of America’s Lawyer is standing by to break down the investment uptick for India and the Indochina region. And later, the Bitcoin Bull is back on a tear as the price has been riding a wave of uncertainty to recent highs. Cryptocurrency analyst Ben Swann joins us to explain what’s behind the run and what lies in store for the bullish behemoth.

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  1. Thanks to President Trump, we are the top oil producer now. China and Japan and Korea and EU should care for their own oil tankers in that hostile strait. wealthy Arabs should pay us triple to protect their land from Iran. If they want us to protect their oil tankers , they have to pay us 70% of revenue.

  2. I don't understand economics but from what I see in the Indian markets and China and Hong Kong Trump's Tarrifs are a brain child of the Globalist Rothschild's 13 dynasties and Russia also has his dynasty in the 50 or so Russian Jewish Mafia Oligarchs and this will lead to Monopolies of the 6 Major Corporations who run all the Global Corporations through shells leading to the New World Order or the Religion of Man but God won't have it so get ready for the wonders in the Sky and on the Earth as we are approaching the End of Time leading to 3 Days of Darkness Prophesied by Our lady at La Salette on 19th September 1846 at La Salette to Mellanie Calvit who became a Catholic Nun and died there.
    In the Triumph of the IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY.
    Allan Simoes.

  3. The fact that telegram is mainly known by just the Blockchain space is a limiting factor. Facebook is known and used by so many other communities. That’s their advantage.

  4. im prepare for the days without electriciti our oil….i have mi on plant oil and mi on electriciti and mi on soil watter…..dont need phone i have cb….parasites dont afect me…i buld mi on home in the forest!!!!

  5. What are the requirements to be your anchors? These people don't know how to pronounce the proper nouns they are discussing. It is so transparent they are clueless with regard to the subject matter.

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