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  1. changing from iphone to oneplus was the best thing iΒ΄ve done in my life, never going back to iphone again.
    the thing about price………..well in my opinion its cheap.why?
    well tell apple or samsung to put and OLED screen+90hz+ ufs 3.0 with high resolution,and you will see the price of apple and samsung phones. πŸ™‚
    750$ is just a fucking steal…. amazing how the phone looks,too good…………

  2. Question Lew..with Samsung I can plug in a flash drive via the usb-c port and view external media. (Media not stored on the phone) Can that be done with the one plus?

  3. I own an apple XR and I also use an iPad. I was thinking of switching to the one plus 7 pro. Do you think I should? If you do what is the best way possible? I want to be able to use my iPad but have an android. Plz help.

  4. What are the chances the GN 10 will have a higher refresh rate screen? If chances are minimal, should I pull the trigger on the OP 7 Pro, before the GN 10 comes out or wait?

  5. Oppo (OnePlus parent company) introduced an acceptable 'waterdrop' notch. Oppo introduced the in screen fingerprint reader. Oppo introduced the pop up camera. Oppo is about to introduce the in screen selfie cam. Can't get enough of this Apple innovation.

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