That New Office Space Flow | FPV Drone Tricks & Freestyle

Psyched to be finding some new office spaces to rip in Florida. The vlog will resume soon with my trip in Detroit, but for now I got too excited about posting some straight FPV 😉

MUSIC: “Cherry on Top” by Jack Cates

— Drone Gear —

Rates & PIDs:

My Main Freestyle Quad:
GoPro HERO7 Black:
Skyeliner Airframe:
GoPro Mount:
Hypetrain Le Drib Motor V2:
DALRC F405 AIO Flight Controller:
BlHeli_32 ESCs:
Joshua Bardwell FPV Cam:
IRC Tramp VTX:
Lollipop Antenna:
Kwad Skids!

FPV Goggles:
Fatshark HDO:

Spektrum iX12:
Spektrum 4649T receiver:

Tools & Other Gear:
Electric Screwdriver:

DJI Mavic:


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  1. It was a great flight man – but missed seeing any commentary 🙂 I need drib talk in my life! Rock on man – as always – epic flow and slick skills..

  2. If this spot is where I think it is you were just down the road from where I live?. I've been wanting to hit it for a while but never drove past when it was empty while having my gear. Sick rippage my dude

  3. I think you have the best combo of smooth flow with "oh shit" out there. Seems like everyone else is one or the other and once in a while they combine both, but never for an entire edit.

  4. Good one.
    Funny to see how many of your groupies almost blackout while watching your clip.
    I guess it's a part of the YouTube game.

    Anyways, happy flying Mr. C.

  5. Im not exactly sure why but i particularly like this edit! Extremely smooth as always and the building gaps amd the little swing 180 under the trees! Very naise!

  6. Wow. Again all I gotta say is WOW. You are an amazing pilot Sir. Nicely done and good job. That was a GReAT flight and amazing video. Thanks for sharing it. ????????‍✈️?‍✈️?‍✈️?‍✈️?‍✈️?‍✈️?‍✈️??????????????✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️. I just subscribe to your channel Sir and would appreciate it if you subscribe to my YouTube channel as well. Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  7. Where in Florida is this? I'm in palm beach and I own some sick drones I'm wondering if we could get together some time and fly? I damn sure could learn from u as in not the best at flying fpv but like I said I got about 10-20 drones most are fpv drones and some are wings and planes so it would be cool to meet up with ya and see if u can give me some advice!!! Thanks bud by the way I got tons of places to fly in palm beach there's also parks to fly at specifically for rc all over the county there's 3 in my county but they're in every county in Florida jus about n there's also a app for ur phone I think it's called spots fpv or something like thatin case u didn't know already. Anyways let me know about meeting up…

  8. Do you cork screw your power loops now? I dig how the focus of the camera stays looking at the object instead of up at the sky and back. Good stuff. ??

  9. Dude i straight up love this video. I miss all the beautiful 2-5 min edits people were doing a lot of at first. Now it's all about dat mid-roll ad lol. I get it though, even drews skinny ass still has to eat ! hahaha But if you keep serving us all this butter we are gonna get obese AF

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