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  1. Is the Samsung Odyssey+ worth $300? I can't find the Lenovo mixed reality headset anywhere for 150$. The lowest is 300$. It would be nice to only spend $150 to see what VR is about. Mainly I'm looking for good enough VR to play Elite Dangerous.

  2. I was told to wait a year for VR just now despite the Quest coming out real soon. I'll be going to college soon, but I wanted VR for the summer and free time in dorms. Should I just wait, anyway? For like a price drop or more games on Quest or something?

  3. Htc is 692,19 at best here in sweden :(((. Been wishing for it since 2016, still dont have enough money. Im 15 btw I dont have a salary only allowance XD

  4. I picked up a full Rift package with all controllers, 3x sensors and a load of games, all secondhand for $200. Perfect condition, barely used. It was such a good deal, I take it completely for granted.

  5. The difference is I use my phone all day for music, navigation, texting, calling, web browsing, banking, ect… And all a VR can do is be cool for a few weeks and then collect dust.

  6. My biggest concern has always been the space needed in my room to use it. Like do i need a lot of room to move around to use one of these? If anyone with a VR could let me know i would greatly appreciate it. Because i really really want to buy one!

  7. I think vr is not the best at the moment, I’ve tried the htc vive and I mean I really liked it it was AMAZING but idk what you get for the price is the best but I think when things like the oculus quest comes out I think it’s gonna be pretty good 🙂

  8. Everything you have is expensive so getting something else that is expensive is ok, that logic is idiotic.
    To play decent VR you need a headset of around 380usd + a pc of minimum 1k USD.

  9. Should I buy the Oculus Rift for my gaming pc with a 1070 Ti, or the PSVR for my original PS4? I know the difference in the specs of the headsets, but I don't know which headset supports the best games. For example I want to play games like Moss, Skyrim VR and other fully fleshed out experiences. Not just random tech demos with no real content. For reference, in Norway the PSVR is 220$ w/o Move controllers, Rift is 580$ w/ Touch-controllers and the Vive is 820$ w/ controllers. Any opinions?

  10. F4CEpa1m – Just wanted to tell you how impressive your presentations are. Your voice pattern is precise and easy to understand. Your graphics are always spot on. And your information has given VR enthusiasts valuable tools to take their experience to another level. I thank you for all the efforts you do for us. Merry Christmas!!

  11. Yo guys, help. What should I get? Vive? Rift? Should I get full body tracking too? Or is it too buggy? I’m actually pretty poor, too, so I don’t have any money to blow, nor a way to save up money as I have no reach to even get money (Being underage, specifically 12) so I’m just very confused.
    I mean, I want to do it, I’m excited for the future in VR, and damn I love the idea of being in the game, y’know, but it’s just, there’s so many options and I’m so new. To give some information, I want a PC vr headset. I have steam, my computer has 1 terabyte, but it’s CPU (Is that what it is? I’m not too smart with computers as you can tell) so will it handle it? I played VR chat in my computer, and it really wasn’t bad so, would that change with the involvement of VR?

    Sorry this is such a dump, I really don’t know what I’m doing and I have so many questions. Some answers would be appreciated haha.

  12. I love your video's and sense of humor. I feel like a "pilled up hippy in a petting zoo watching and listening. I hope all the main hmd manufacturers send you money because you are doing a great service for the VR are industry making these entertaining and truthful Video's I'm subscribing and staying subsribed bro you are just to talented to miss, and hope someone can help you do this full time especially now the VR industry needs you and should help you dude.

  13. I'm only going to have to disagree with the first point. Sure, the rift and vive aren't expensive themselves, but you also need a high-end gaming pc to even use them. In total, it's more like $1,500 for someone to just get into VR. If you already have a high-end pc, then yeah there's no reason to think vr is expensive.

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