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  1. Ok just saying the galactic republic is not the same faction as the galactic empire ie one was a democracy the other was a despotic dictatorship

  2. Anyone else thing that our hero here is some how related to another game, Star Wars the Force Unleashed?? Ether he's the Father of Star Killer (who we see gets killed by Darth Vader) or later on his mentor?

  3. 😅 ign go watch star wars and understand how to pronounce At-At . you sound dumb and it's bad journalism just shows they have no idea what there really talking about and just read scripts

  4. From that 26min video they just released , 4 times a Storm Trooper went flying off a edge, no "Wilhelm Scream", either I heard silence or a "uh", it is in alpha, so wait and see

  5. Funny, I'm not missing anything in Jedi Fallen Order. Why? Cause in 4 years we got 4 movies, 3 TV series and 3 games. In other words, we are burned out of Star Wars already.

  6. 19 things that won’t matter because Disney Star Wars canon is so retcon happy that everything will be contradicted and ignored in the latest novel, movie, show, game or comic.
    1 thing not to miss however is how bland and creatively bankrupt this game looks. More like the order 1886 a 4 hour, 6! Mission linear corridor simulator with tomb raider climbing section exposition dumps while you just hold the thumbstick forward to walk slowly.

    The Jedi academy and Jedi outcast games had a billion times more force power creativity with actual lightsaber dismemberment and allowed for player freedom with their bigger, more open level design.

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