Bitcoin Above $10,500 Next Stop $100k, Ethereum Cloudflare, Bullish On Bitcoin Thanks To Facebook

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  1. SELL ALL YOUR BIT/SHIT/ALT COINS NOW_______ WILL DROP TO PENNIES. U$A will destroy bitcoin!! and all your gains wiped out because REMEMBER, they rid of gold standard, they rid of truth-telling journalist, and they STEAL from all men. It's a matter of time before they ROB YOU! but i won't feel bad cuz you BUYING THESE FOOLS COINS.. FOOLS

  2. I belief in this projects Apollo, BABB, Cardano, U Network and Digibyte more then Ripple or facebook coin, because they are really decentralised and Ripple or Facebook coins are not decentralised just buy an hold

  3. All of these altcoins are doing nothing different then what Facebook is trying to do…. I can see why these altcoins are simply holding the whole cryptocurrency revolution back.

    If someone has a million dollars they are not going to want to store their value in the second best cryptocurrency…. Wtf

  4. Australias banking system is antiquated and they have a few horse and cart systems dressed up as Ferrari's. I don't like PayID and bank transfers are often slow. The gov are lying- the big 4 banks have been working with Ripple for years and the Aussie dollar has been falling for a long time.

  5. Its called Stack Sats.. This expression came from Max Keiser in a few interviews. But Max lives in a bit of a fantasy land where he bought hundreds of thousands of btc at $1😒

    TMI..there were a few mnths you constantly dissed and doubted the Ethereum project, and not enough 'news' was surrounding it.

    Good vid👍

  6. My wife works for a large retirement company in UK. Last year she had to complete a financial course . The course was developed for the company by Barclays. My wife noticed a segment of the course incorporated bitcoin and how it works.

  7. You say US has a massive debt and BTC is the doom of FIAT and the US economy. Let’s pretend you understand economics as well as chairman of the federal reserve, again, what is stopping US from purchasing bitcoins and wait until it massively appreciates only to sell it and pay off US debt? Even worse, US can create a legislation to make it seem that they are banning crypto, just to crash the price so they can buy it and then years later lift the ban. See.. nothing is stopping them from doing so if they really though bitcoin was a threat to national security. Otherwise, thanks for the news, but your interpretations of them are a bit childish for my liking.

  8. Bitcoins going to 100k soon he says.

    Don't fomo in he says.

    Only put in what you can afford to loose he says.


  9. My guess is that the psychological barrier with the masses (non investors) is closer to $20K. The mass media outlets may not give it any significant attention until it surpasses $15K

    For those who bought at the top and Hodl'd, it is just recovering for them.

  10. Understand one very important fact, and that is this new truly amazing invention called blockchain is only being used when it's a decentralized blockchain, when you have a centralized blockchain you aren't using the tech and a simple data base can do the same thing, this is why a lot of alts that are centralized will never reach the highs of bitcoin, you may obviously make gains when others buy in but that has a limit where as bitcoin has no limits, I'm not here to argue with anybody I'll simply let time show you.

  11. I enjoyed the English joke. It behooves you to do your own research. Be seeing you. The Prisoner. We want information. You won't have it. By hook or by crook, we will! 🙂

  12. Everyone is talking about BTC, but if it goes to ATM, that’s just a double in the current price. If LTC goes back to ATM, that’s a triple. If ETH goes back to ATM that’s four times as much or more. Why buy BTC when it might double when others could triple or quadruple?

  13. I'm 17, imagine how I feel knowing this is the ticket to wealth but not being able to afford any BTC lol… At least I have my eyes open and know crypto is the future

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