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  1. Controversy? Seems like a big word, first time I’ve ever heard of this. Why not be glad they included LGBT representation at all? It isn’t like this movie is solely focused on LGBT. It’s a superhero movie, how much more do you want?

  2. Where’s the Hispanic marvel superhero? They have Hispanic supporting characters but no Hispanic superheroes? Just saying, there’s a lot of people not represented, stop being so sensitive…

  3. Man…. This has lots of dislikes. 😳
    also if you going to be serious about this, don't make it forced like in the comics has been lately

  4. I really don’t get this “I NEED to see someone similar to me to identify with them” thing

    Just stop this…

  5. Considering between 5%-12% of the population are lgbtq+ its comes to the point where its both ridiculous and unrealistic that non of the many characters in the MCU are lgbtq+. If we say there are on average 5 new characters on average in every MCU film (a conservative estimate) then there are about 110 characters in the MCU and using the 5-12% statistic about lgbtq+ people there should be way more lgbtq+ characters than there are and the fact that there is barely 1 shows how massively unrepresented these people are. In a world where magic and gods exist and lgbtq+ people don't is a pisstake.

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