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  1. Sorry guys, but I had to turn you off today. I can't even listen to you describe animal cruelty. This is not the imagery I want in my brain, thanks. I'll come back tomorrow.

  2. I worked at an Ad agency that paid temps for 4hrs to come in and act like they worked there while a potential new client came in. The company lied on their site saying they employed 200 employees in an office that only had 50 due to lay offs and slowly going out of business.

  3. If Bitcoin and all its cousins can exist, pretty sure countries can't stop Facebook from doing the same. It's not like its a utility.

  4. When MySpace changed, MySpace died. They should've paid attention and reverted, but they didn't. If they did, we would all be upset because our data would be spied on after our accounts were deleted. Lol

  5. wtf? Elliot, chiropractic isn't pseudo science, it's real science, you might be thinking of acupuncture or reiki, those are pseudo sciences

  6. I'm 100% down to grow some horns out of my head from watching too much Internet Today while Ricky and Eliot spies on me with Overlord mode before Calm helps me fall asleep.

  7. So, if phones held up to your head can cause something like a bone to increase….

    Why can't I put it up to muh dick?

  8. Who else got an Ad for PureFlix. A streaming services for families of faith. I think their advertising on the wrong channel lol.

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