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  1. I was just playing it and I must say it's way better than I expected! Any Castlevania fan will love it! It's like Symphony of the Night and Order of Ecclesia had a son

  2. It is indeed a great game, but 'm very disappointed by the Switch version. Seriously, it was released later and it's the worst port. They could get away even without 1080p but crashing, freezing and 30 fps is unacceptable.

  3. I downloaded this game today. As soon as I loaded it up, my Switch displayed an error message asking me to hold down the power button for 12 seconds so as to reset the console. Unfortunately even after various troubleshooting measures, it never turned back on. I called Nintendo and opened up a return claim.

  4. I hope Bloodstained gains enough attention and praise for more sequels and prequels to be made. Really enjoyed Curse of the Moon and LOVING Ritual of the Night!

  5. Am I the only one having little to no issues with the Switch version? Yes, it doesn’t look amazing and some of the room transitions can be a little long, but the game is still 99% playable. The game crashed on me only once just before the 2nd boss fight right after I saved. Still, I’m having so much fun with the Switch version!

  6. Almost got platinum and I have to say that this is the Castlevania we all deserved, it's clear to see a lot of love went into this game while there are a few hiccups it's nothing when balanced to how awesome this game is, so glad Iga delivered what was promised, if there's a Bloodstained 2 I'm already on board.

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