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  1. dongles dont always work smoothly and consistently just do a search on youtube.

    music pros hate having been left without any real jacks to plug into and although thunderbolt is fast the dongles just dont work.

  2. I hope they change it all again next year too. Just so I can increase my distance from you broke bitches.

    The power of the brand is undeniable. Go clean your windows while I make my apple money.

  3. OK I am officially getting the MacBook Pro from 2015. It's got all the ports I need, it still has SSD and strong CPU, 16GB RAM and it's durable. Love this video, and I want to add- even the 2017 MacBook Pros apparently have keyboard issues. They're more prone to dust, they're sensitive and can break. If one key stops working, you are forced to replace the ENTIRE keyboard. Out of warranty that's going to cost $700 a pop. So unless you really need a Touch Bar and USB-C Ports (which I have yet to see any reason to use over the USB 3), get the 2015.

    Also as a video editor, that lack of an SD card slot is really low. I refuse to buy all these extra adapters just so I can use a so-called "future proof" machine. Obviously we're not in the future yet. Don't worry about the 2015 being a 3 year-old computer. It's still the best reviewed MacBook Pro to date.

  4. I wanted to tell you that the “HyperDrive – USB Type-C Hub” is another thing you should try. It very pleasing to the eye. You can get two and put it on both sides of the laptop. Gives you extra ports for if you want it. For my my computer i have two and also the Sleeve. If you can’t remember the Sleeve it is from your past videos. When i have the Sleeve on and attached, i like to have the Hyperdrive on the other side. The only reason i do that is the ethernet compatibility . I wish there was one on the Hyperdrive. I know there is a dongle that has ethernet but i find it annoying. Now i am always worried of forgetting the cord or loosing the cord to the Sleeve. They need to find a way to have a placement holder for the cord or have two cables in the box or have extra cable on their website so i can order as much as i want without worrying if i have the wrong cable. If you want some more information I’ll try to help out as much as i can.

  5. Ok so fine, the new MacBook has a few issues but I’ve had about 7 laptops from different brands(hp/Samsung/google/dell etc.) and this is the best one by a long, long way. It’s got amazing graphics, an amazing keyboard, the touch bar is spectacular and the speakers are crisp and clean. What more could you ask for. It’s definitely not terrible and I sense a tad of click bait with that title.

  6. they could have put a wight or somthing in the device so it sits flat on the desk, It looks cheap to me when it just flaps around like that. just me? thought so.

    heavy is good, if it doesnt work then at least you can hit someone with it.

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