PowerBeats Pro Review: Better than AirPods!

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PowerBeats Pro are better than AirPods. Not a super high bar, but it’s true! Powerbeats Pro: https://amzn.to/2Xdstc3 AirPods 2: https://amzn.to/2J6V3lD Jaybird …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. I've tried my friends powerbeats and airpods and I my opinion, airpods have more base and by a lot. I also can't get a deal without hurting my ears on the powerbeats unlike the airpods.

  2. If you look at the premium or name brands of headphones, there really isn't any true wireless headphone that is affordable. Most of them are $200-350. Unless you go for an off brand that don't have a charge case, you are pretty much always going to pay that much. They are also the only name brand to have the over the ear hook that I have found.

  3. The thing that keeps me thinking that the airpods are better, is the fact that it is the only non-in ear type. I know that the in ear have better sound, but I feel unsecured not being able to hear my surroundings. I wish there were more option for non-in ear type wireless earphones…

  4. They look like some weird hearing aid. I'll just stick to my galaxy buds, currently trying to boycott anything from apple or beats tbh. Overpriced, overhyped bs.

  5. Are you omly supposed to review apple stuff, not any samsung galaxy buds, surface laptops, dell xps, ThinkPads. Or only apple stuff makes you feel cool. Diversify dude

  6. Powerbeats Next Generation.

    Apple: We wanted to create something unique, therefore, we decided to sell the case separately. You can buy your powerbeats for just 499$ and 249$ for those who doesn't want the case!
    Me: Fuck You Apple with your bullshit products!
    Great video Marques👌and sorry for my language.

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