Proof Bitcoin topped out & drop is coming! I would take my profits before it's too late

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This is the beginning of the end for Bitcoin. The greed index if at 95% and the NVT is screaming a drop is coming. I show this using simple TA using pitchforks that this is the top and extreme price volatility is coming before we have a major crash. My technical analysis shows me that BTC is due for capitulation in a little over a month from now.

Keep checking the community the section of my channel as i will be making new post as I create new charts.

Video about yellow pitchfork line

Video about red ring if we get above it

This is not financial advice! These are only my views and opinions of the current crypto market and what am expecting to happen. I am not your financial advisor so do your own research before making any trades as cryptocurrency if a very risky asset. Never take my or any youtubers advice when it comes to your finances.

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  1. your ta could be right! I think this is a bare market rally, 20k to 3k is wave a, 3 k to 18k is b wave and wave c is the big dip down to 2k ish new low

  2. you have one of the clearest insites to this market right now!!!! makes a lot of sense its just a trap to kill retail….once we are all rekt and the price as optical says hits the floor they will buy back in with Hugh gains most of us will be long over it and have fuck all to reinvest, these people buying in at 12k plus….ffs 🙁

  3. Wow. Fibonacci retracement. Wow. Fibonacci retracements work amazingly well and act as truly accurate indicators of future moves . . . until they don't – which is 50% of the time. Want to know if your Fibonacci retracement is going to play out? Flip your penny and heads it will and tails it won't. You will now be as accurate as the experts.

  4. For us to crash back to the 21week SMA (which comes in around 9643.00 currently on the 4 hr). is no big deal. It's common for an asset in a bull market to bounce off of the 21 week SMA on a regular basis. Your loosely using the term bear market and bearish. Fact is bitcoin will rise above 15k in this bull market. Long BTC! What I find fascinating is how you located the top using fib circles. This style is kinda like fishing you never know what you'll pull in until you reel it in.

  5. the title is enough for me. no need to see your video. you will look so stupid in a few months/years and you will probably delete it out of shame lol. BTC minimum at 100,000 $ by the end of 2021 and at 1 million by 2024/2025. put it on your calendar. these prices might be reached earlier than planned

  6. Again!? Well you are persistent. Let me watch. Whales know how to use emotional pressure as well. No one is ever 100% right. Just use a stop loss and move on.

  7. For everyone who doesn't have time to watch the video, the take away advice is that this guy is wrong and you should buy since he's saying sell

  8. Very good assessment, I saw the spike yesterday over 13k and got out. I bought back in at 11.4 and got out at about 12.5. I am out of most of my position. This has not been a healthy climb up.

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