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  1. Can’t rely on an app to game on. What happens when a thunderstorm or high winds and the WiFi connection goes out. Yeah it’s a no.

  2. I was 1000% on board for Stadia when they announced. And I believed it to be the subscription and games are free… this news made me not want it. Bummer

  3. They need a download feature, ps4 needs it too for ps now. I dont mind only having the game only during my sub. As long as it doesnt have to fluctuate bcus of Cox being trash.

  4. Why would the games be cheaper? We’re already getting free, unlimited access to stadia hardware just for existing in proximity to WiFi. But many of us somehow feel further entitled to a discount on all games just for using Stadia? You guys know devs set their own game prices, right? Why would they be cheaper on stadia, where they’re arguably more convenient to access? People are genuinely lost about how this whole thing works.

  5. Google Stadia is an already flop project before it launches. Does google think that gamers are desperate and have no other gaming sources?
    Who ever is concerned & working on this project should leave his tower and get into the market to understand the nature of the competition in the gaming industry!!
    It feels like those who developed this plan think of themselves the saviors of the gaming industry 😂 and that gamers are waiting for them to ditch every other gaming source to give Google their money! Truly they are so out of touch with how gaming works!

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