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  1. I like how the movie that had spider man in it for like 15 min ranked higher than two full on movies with character development and a story line

  2. Best Spider-Man movie?

    Best Spider-Man game?

    I think we can all agree that Spider-man 2 is the GOAT 🐐

    I agree with the list IGN! In my opinion though, I'd put Spider-Man 3 a little higher.

  3. I'm actually really excited to see the new one. I've heard it's better than Spider-Man 2. So I'm definitely curious if this new one can take that one's mantle.

  4. I grew up with the Sam raimi movies but I seriously think everyone is still seeing those movies with nostalgia goggles. Yes, spiderman 2 is definetly worthy of first place (I think spider verse is better though) but spiderman homecoming is way better than spiderman 1. And Tom Holland is the best in my spidey in my opinion despite growing up with Toby

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