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  1. Hello, will it work fine on iPhone XR. And does pixel density important as iPhone XR has 326 pixel per inch. Whether will it work differently with iPhone xs

  2. A smart phone 4K resolution for in game viewing from PC @ 60 FPS would Rock it. Use pc to run and control the game but display in 3D through the native 4K screen on the phone would be fantastic!

  3. Help, I got a question. So for iPhone games and apps, you don’t need a controller because the apps provide a option to stare at an option and select it right? Is that how it works?? Help please! I wanna buy a VR headset but idk if I need controllers

  4. Would there be any possibility vr set for an rca Android tablet?!!? Pleasssse. I just got the vr chat and I don't want to play it like a small game. It's hard to turn around and be able to see aound me; it's almost impossible.

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