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  1. glad I got the PC version instead of switch.
    some people told me they got it like for $32 that made me curious
    made sense that the switch version was delayed by a couple days more after release.
    hopefully it gets fixed the game is wonderful.

  2. I have seen and played many games on switch that look better than bloodstained on pc, I don't feel like any excuse for this shoddy porting can be justified =T

  3. The thing is: this game is NOT that demanding visually even for Switch! The switch port should've been able to handle most of the missing effects.
    Resolution being 720P all around (even when docked) is also inexcusable. It's a 2.5D game for goodness sake! Switch should be more than capable of running it at 900P if not 1080P.
    The 30 FPS thing would be understandable. But only IF IT WAS ACTUALLY STABLE!!!!

  4. In my opinion, this game will be awesome on the go. Reminiscent of GBA castlevania games. I have a PS4 as well but I prefer playing it on switch. I am willing to wait for the fixes before I purchase the game but if it doesnt go well I just have to purchase the PS4 version. For SWITCH OWNERS please give us feedback in the future so we would be aware if the game is worth it or not on the switch.

  5. This game is not that graphically intensive. I've seen way better looking games run better. This game has no excuse to look and play this bad.

  6. 30 FPS is fine. The texture and visuals is not fine cuz when you look at some other games on switch it's clear that it's doable, but still, it doesn't ruin the game. the Input lag though, that should have been easy to avoid, and it can be a deal breaker if they don't fix it.

  7. This is a problem with the dev, it's not the greatest looking game, it doesn't make sense when you look at other titles, you're trying to tell me this is more graphically taxing than dktf or as taxing as Doom?

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