Here's Why Bitcoin Might Be About to Make New Highs

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Jun.26 — On this edition of “Charting Futures,” Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone examines the performance of Bitcoin futures with Bloomberg’s Abigail Doolittle on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.”


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  1. Except futures is the opposite of buying bitcoin. You just bet on bitcoin with the futures, you cant redeem it for otc trades for products of value, so buying bitcoin threw the futures market is backwards intuitive.

  2. 1:00 I had to double take as I thought he said it’s like Hot knife through butt!! 😳😳. Phew, he said butter. Seems like people are using Crypto coin like they would use gold in the olden days and anticipate a huge correction depending whichever way G20 Party goes right?

  3. Bitcoin fell 4000 dollars in just 1 hour.. It is worthless and nothing but a scam. No money is held to back it up. Could go to 0 then what? You people don't work… You don't have money for anything so where is the support?

  4. The trading market changes constantly, dealing with the best trader makes the market more productive and profitable. Mr. George Wilstin is the key to my success.

  5. There are going to be a lot of lawsuits once people figure out that they have been buying FAKE BITCOIN futures (BTC), and that the REAL BITCOIN is Bitcoin SV (BSV).

  6. I got 15BTC and ready to become a Crypto-millionaire this bull run to $230,000. Who else ready to become a Crypto-millionaire or Crypto-billionaire this bull run?

  7. Bloomberg stay away from crypto 😂 just a bunch of old people explaining something they have no idea what it is about. Clowns.

  8. These people are so stupid. Only plebs fomo’ing in.

    Wait for the big retrace that will eventually happen

    Day they put this out we seen that mega dump. Good chance trend has reversed.

    10k is not support we blasted through. 8-8.5k is.

    These people looking for new people to dump bags on

  9. new highs not so fast, we went from 4200 to 14000, this will need a bit of time to digest and build another base, a launching pad if you will to burst through 20k into blue sky breakout like 2017. sell ur house, sell ur wife, sell ur kids, sell ur left testicle. bull run is a coming.

  10. Bitcoin will outperform gold longterm. You want to get in while the market is young. Yes it it volatile. But the market will stabilize at a much higher market cap. Bitcoin is actually more scarce than gold as we know how much bitcoin there will ever be. Accumulate a bitcoin . Pay no attention to the short term volatility. Just dollar cost average. Zoom out and look at the big picture. It's the best performing asset the world has ever seen . The proof is in the charts.. not the short term charts but the full chart of its history

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