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  1. For the things you were using the iPad for, as a laptop replacement, i wonder how the note 9 would perform if you treat it explicitly as a laptop replacement.

  2. IVE , I understood , will still design for Apple. Just as a consultant through his new company.
    Perhaps you should do an episode on J Ive and his part in the success of Apple products . I don’t think it can be underestimated how influential he has been .

  3. The surface pro is literally all you guys need. Why is everyone in such a hurry for apple to provide a desktop experience on a tablet when there is a tablet/PC that literally does everything in this video.

  4. Just ordered my ipad pro last night! Cant wait.

    But saw a review by the verge that says the beta is still buggy, shd i risk it and download it anyway?

  5. I got a dell laptop with intel Pentium 2020m dual core processor and intel hd 4000 integrated graphics.
    Fun fact I don't have a battery in it so i have to plug it in all the time as a desktop, Ya'll jealous of me? Better be!

  6. For my needs it's possible. Practical at its price though? It feels like Logitech's Powerplay- it's nice and does its job perfectly but expensive for something kinda unnecessary. Still I'd like an iPad Pro and this is coming from someone who hates Apple's business practices

  7. I’m using the 10.5” iPad Pro and have the Logitech keyboard/cover and its great sure it adds some bulk but it does the job. Was about $100AUD it props up the iPad and is decent to type on a lot better than typing on the screen. I use it mostly for work and it gets me by as its easier than carrying a laptop around

  8. I've seen wacky users which actually made sense now. They use a decent compact book stand for reading and place the iPad there and connect the magic keyboard from apple. You should try it.

  9. Love the video. I’ve tried this again and again with the idea that it could be a possible work replacement. I have an iPad Pro from work with a Logitech Create case. My biggest issue is the app selection is limited for what I need for work. I travel with the iPad and my laptop but would like to one day just carry one device.

  10. As an app developer I love being able to develop with my MacBook Pro on the go (I do this often on airplanes, at hotels when I am traveling, and if I am going over to friend’s houses). Then when I get home I plug in my 4k monitor and eGPU and I am on my desktop.

  11. “ covering it up with a cheap rubber case…”

    Lol what. Oh the common folk who can’t afford a drawer full of iPads 🤦🏽‍♂️. Most people will rock a case , which makes typing a lot easier propping it up on the table. If anything I find it more shocking when people don’t have a case on a iPad. Kills the resale value.

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