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  1. Hey guys, I ran a poll similar to the one mentioned in the video in the new YouTube Community tab. The results were roughly: 36% yes, 64% no (w/ ~3500 votes). I’m looking forward to reading all of your responses in the comments 🙂

  2. If I had to stay in there then no. If it was for a time i controlled then yes. To live in it and always get everything we dream of, to always win without having to try, after a time it would become boring and shallow. Its an immature life in there. The mind would go mad because nothing would have real meaning.

    But consider this…if you wanted to control a society. Instead of offering them anything meaningful in reality offer them this. Drone masses, whose only benefit in life is to go home and plug in. Then unplug and go to work the next day, 7 days a week. When people became too old or infirm to work they would be taken to a 'home' where they would be plugged in and forgotten.

  3. I mean be trapped in a digital world where laws of physics can be modified and controlled sounds kinda cool but some may go crazy from the wackiness of their new world. I guess there is no escaping unless someone unplugs you from the digital reality. It's kinda scary at the same time. Virtually anything is possible in this digital reality though.

  4. I could not consciously go back without having my memory erased, because as soon as I would go back, it would be like having never lived in that dimension. Many people experiment this when they learn that their partner cheated them for many years, these years are taken away from you when you realize they are not true. That is why i guess truth is more powerful than pleasure, because 10 years of pleasure can be erased by a simple truth. Whereas 10 years of truth will NEVER be erased, as painful as it could be your only pleasure (relief) come from accepting it voluntarily.

  5. We are not getting rid of our cellphone and Porn addictions then it's absolutely impossible not to be addicted to the VR World.

  6. When this kind of technology actually becomes available I plan to just use it as any other video game and have my normal life too.

    I go to work and after that I get home and play.


  8. I would plug in, but only if I could plug back out. I would want to experience both “fake” and reality, because there’s so many things that you can’t do in reality but can do in VR, while in reality there’s a few things that can be done better than in VR.

    Also, plugging into a machine that you CAN’T plug back out of, but is controlled by a huge company that you can’t trust, is pretty scary. They could literally control everyone’s lives within the machine, and no one would have any power to fight back. (Except those who live in the outside world.)

  9. I’m a hedonist and chose most of the answers you said a hedonist wouldn’t. I’m not just thinking about my own happiness, but others.

  10. I would. hell I already do. have VR in my house for two years the sense of sight and hearing are there, if I can one day add a few others… I’m there. Think about when u have a great dream then u wake up incredibly disappointed the dream is over.

  11. i would plug in because the one thing i always wanted to do is to swallowed stuff whole that mean stuff that is impossible for a human to do or i would a cartoon or anime or 3d cartoon or anime character

  12. This is all very experimental imo. Just feel and be in the real world. No need to make a machine that causes pleasure but hides away the pain. You're supposed to live through it all, pain and pleasure and both are okay to feel. It's ok.

  13. Why would anyone ever say no to this? You could experience anything anywhere at anytime. No pain and always happiness. You humans are funny.

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