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  1. I've seen people claiming gs5 build is bad and touch wiz is laggy. I've been using s5 for about 3 months. I can say phone feels really solid in the hand. I don't think smartphones must be made of metal instead of polycarbonate with sacrifices the functionality (removable battery, waterproofing) for the sake of looks. You'll be using a cover to protect that shiny aluminium body anyway. As for the lagging I can honestly say I found none at all with heavy usage during this period. And as far as I phones go I don't want to waste a fortune over a phone with 2012 specs + #bendgate

  2. Samsung doesn't care about the design since their income is generated elsewhere and they simply don't care how badly it's design as long as people are buying it thanks to their marketing.

  3. Im sorry but as long as a phone had a SD card idc about looks. 32 gb or 64 gb is simply not enough when apps are becoming upwards to 5 gb of space I mean I have 1729 songs that would destroy the space on a non sd card having phone

  4. I'm actually loving the dimpled back plate. It gives me a good amount of confidence that I'm not going to drop it. Even with just two fingers supporting the back. That's something no previous phone I've owned has done for me. Even just considering looks, It's pretty decent, not something that bothers me in the slightest.

  5. I see why your top 10 phones of 2014 spring was so bad. 

    These are phones. They are not a purse. Who cares if it is shiny and matches your earrings. Samsung is plastic and that is good. It doesn't break when you drop it. Who ever thinks that metal is a better design should go with the iphone or htc one. You obviously have more money than cares. If you want a good phone that will last, the plastic is much better.  

  6. The nominees for the company that brings the most shitty looking high end phone of 2014 are:
    1) Samsung
    2) Samsung
    3) Samsung
    And the winner is…. 🙂

  7. I totally agree. I'm already getting fed up with the regular design, expected something better. Have been admiring HTC for their design though I still appreciate my Note.

  8. Apple has always been attacked for making sheeps out of its fans but Samsung seems to have taken over now…

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