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  1. They need to understand that time when AVATAR was released that graphic was impressed and people interested to watch but the difference between Avengers is The people who watch Avengers are the otaku .Even Avengers almost become number 1 but that different show that some people didn't like watch Marvel movie's same with DC movies.

    My grammar don't make a joke about it .

  2. Franky speaking in The Rating Avenger Endgame Is Far Better Than Avatar… CGI is Far Better Than Avatar … Even Star Cast… For Those Of You Who Dont Know That The Endgame's Graphics Are 90% CGI… For Me Endgame Beats The Avatar From The Very First Show..

  3. The whole discussion would be obsolete when they finally start to use the damn inflation. It’s a damn important thing a important for a fair box office duel 🤦‍♂️ Avatar would be at app. 2,9 billion instead of 2,7

  4. I mean, Avatar was shown for like several months. If we take that into account, Endgame is already a bigger box office than Avatar. But then again, it's a numbers game as always.

  5. End game's not only fighting avatar but also the other best movies of all time
    1. Aladdin
    2. Detective Pikachu
    3. Toy story 4
    4. John wick
    5. Far from home
    6. Lion king
    These are some of the best movies released after end game…. Despite that endgame keep on earning…

  6. Any one noticed that at the time of AVATAR its only movie which is super loaded with CGI or only movie with better GRAPHICS,CGI 3d etc….. But NOW every movie is best in its CGI………1. Aladdin 2. Detective Pikachu 3.Toy story 4. John wick

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