RIDICULOUS Bitcoin Long Term Targets (Is It REALLY?!) July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Analysis

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  1. You are helping so many people with your TA skills that you have nothing to apologize for what you are doing is AWESOME and most people want alot of money to help people and your content is FREE so keep putting these videos out the are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME

  2. Im new to your channel. I like you bring new analysis and info, I havent seen before. Just a small feedback, you talk fast and a bit repeatitive, maybe shorter, more straight forward videos with a snall preparation before recording. Anyways, tks for the info!

  3. I have to say your the most professional non-professional TA guy out there and I fucking love every second of it. "Let's see how Mrs Litecoin is doing, oh you beautiful bitch." LMAO and then you speak the most professional points after that, fucking hilarious and amazingly insightful at the same time.

  4. Good video as always!:) But hey, no lifestreams for 2 nights in a row? Krown, I am having my withdrawals. I think I am addicted to your channel:)

  5. Forbes and other main stream Fin-Media is FUDing Bitcoin REAL HARD. With the rally the Fat Cats are trying to scare out the little fish to keep the price down as much as possible….and to keep their wage slaves in bondage lest they learn of the powerful Bitcoin and it's ability to free them from the slavery of Anarcho-Capitalism. Hence I am VERY BULLISH on Bitcoin. When Forbes FUD's you it means the next stop is the Moon!

  6. Plus if you draw that trend line on a weekly on blx, it's completely different. Shows it never actually broke the trend line to the downside so there's something off with the way yours is drawn

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