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  1. The entire screen is a fingerprint scanner?!!! Wow…
    At sa tingin ko lang, maganda din yung magnetic power connector nya hah. Kahit ma- abuse sya sa pggamit, di agad agad masisira, unlike charging pin/port..


  2. Bruhh charging that phone will be a pain in the ass. Still looks great but if its go all vivo again like other vivo's phone performance it will be a bummer πŸ™ #UnboxPh


  3. hmmmm… Vivo is very good at phone designing didnt know you can do that with the finger pring scanner thank you #UnboxPH for this video wouldnt have known about it tho I would like to see this features with other phones. Thank you #UnboxPH for this wonderful video God bless!!! πŸ™‚
    IG: nes.librea

  4. When it comes to gaming vivo is the best phone for me, aside from its big big as in big storage that literally makes me cry it also easy to use. My mom and dad is a vivo user cause they prefer high storage and fast accessible phone. Actually i am planning to buy vivo phone in the future for my gaming hobby. Thanks vivo for releasing such a good phone! πŸ’•

    ig: iamljradomes

  5. The tech is really out of this world. This is indeed a glimpse to the future of mobile phones 😍 Ate Leaaaa is so kawaaiii β€πŸ’—πŸ’•

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