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  1. So does anyone have a quick way of saying how it ends? Like rick dies and the comics are over, but does it explain anything about the walkers or the virus etc.?

  2. Guys, I don't read comics and don't watch the TV series since 2016 or 2017. What's the reason of the virus? Why are people turning into zombies?

  3. I bet they just want to start a new series.. I would get bored of making the same series with the same characters and getting 10 years or more into the future.. it would be more fun to start fresh from the beginning with new characters

  4. they should have ended the tv show like at season 5 or 6 or maybe 9
    and it's funny how noone ever speaks about the cause of this outbreak and not trying to find any cure in the show xd

  5. Stopped reading after the 3rd time they went to war and ended losing their place… To be honest the zombie apocalypse hype ended a long time ago, and the comic felt more like a soup opera

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