Winning a Drone Race with Captain Vanover!

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Alex Vanover (aka Captain Vanover) shows us his secrets to winning FPV drone races!

Special thanks to ORQA for sponsoring this episode!

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-Pilots / Hosts-
Alex Vanover [CaptainVanover]
Drew Camden [Le Drib]

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Drew Camden – Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor

MUSIC by C418


From the album “One”


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  1. So the loser bracket's winner ends up competing against the actual "first"?
    Confusing, that's usually for 3rd place ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. In my opinion I feel like vanover is in too many rotor riot episodes. No offense but I personally donโ€™t enjoy his personality as much as some of the other rotor riot members. Sorry for being rude but I thought I mine as well get that out there

  3. having met both of you at kwad camp in orlando,you seem to be really great guys.watching you two race together is pretty awesome.congrats to you both.

  4. Honestly, I don't find watching racing very interesting, nor have I had interest in doing it myself, but this video made it look like a lot of fun! Good job Alex for winning and Drew for the smooth HD flying!

  5. Awesome vid. love drew flying his freestyle rig with gopro in a race!!! great positive energy throughout.
    Keep em coming guys ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Love it! The boy and I are building our fleet to learn this thing called FPV…. tinyhawk(fun around the yard), Tomoquads Carrera(micro 2.5" racer), FVP Flight club Neutron 3" our park Practice quad, and when we can make it to the field…. 2hrs away…. our tokio pro's. Just want to fly, fly and fly some more!

  7. Good to see Vonover hype, in his element, mixes with Drib(smoov operator) out of his element, and holding his own. This clip is the bridging of worlds for me, Loved it!

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