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  1. Didn't mention that Underlords is on pc android and iOS and team fight tactics is only on pc. I'd say Underlords is the best one to get into if you want to dabble

  2. Thanks for this one IGN! Oddly enough, a lot of people were talking ABOUT how to play and get better at Auto Chess, but no one was doing a simple "what the heck is this" video. I just recently got into Auto Chess on mobile (like literally three days ago, and only four matches) and find it very rewarding. I think it will appeal to casual strategy and moba gamers. But, it smells like something that has esport aspirations. Which seems to be the trend lately…Super casual games becoming serious esports.

  3. As an underlord player it really does pain me to say this but I agree with it being the least complex out of them all. It's still visually the most pleasing though. And the lack of item rng makes me rage the least compared to tft

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