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  1. Could someone also tell the studio to make the melee weapon stormtroopers Sprint at you as fast as they did in battlefront 2 instead of casually jogging up to you and waiting for you to hit them

  2. Pity they haven't modified the level design. It was screaming out "this is for walking across, this is for jumping on, this is for climbing up".. there wasnt any natural feel to the design of the levels. It didn't feel like a real world. Just a star wars gloss over of a Jack and dexter or Ratchet and clank platform level

  3. Yes, EA are a bunch of bad guys. To be more precise; money hungry, immeasurably greedy guys who don't care how many studios and AAA franchises they run into the ground. How to fix it? Stop building games around "surprise mechanics". That is all they have to do.

  4. It’s EA, don’t believe their lies. Fallen order looks like a 4 hour, 6 mission linear corridor simulator with no player freedom or choice like Jedi academy or outcast or force unleashed had. Yet another bland Disney Star Wars story that’ll just get retconned in the next project anyway.

  5. Weell (if you want to get geeky here) isn’t the white core due to the way that light is interacting with the camera itself? If you have ever owned a Force FX lightsaber (what growing boy hasn’t) you’d notice that the saber is one solid color. However when you put the saber on camera it appears to have a white core and the actual color is transmitted around the saber. Now if you have a super HD camera this doesn’t really happen and the saber appears solid (some choreographed dual videos even show this). So I guess it could be considered subjective but….idk. Whatever’s more cool looking. It’s such a small detail.

  6. The problem is that we can’t split enemies in half with a laser that can literally cut through anything. I guess according to EA and disney it can cut through anything except humans lol

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