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  1. Loving the new update to Blade & Sorcery, will be posting more when new mods are released! Hope you all enjoy and remember to like and subscribe 😀

    Thank you for 500,000 subscribers!

  2. How much does this cost fudgy? I’m thinking of getting it for my oculus and I suggest getting full body tracking it’s way cooler in blades and sorcery

  3. The raid mode should be like your team is either a defender or attack and you have to defend your castle or attack the castle objectives as attacker 1. escort the ram to the gate protect the ram so it can break the gate 2. Once you break the 1st gate you have two break the second gate after that third objective Kill their king just like in For Honor. And the Defenders defend Ofc.

  4. They should make this game multiplayer so you can 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 maybe 5v5 RAID mode. Also you can battle it out against friends or randoms and use modes like the lightsaber mod so y’all can do a lightsaber battle red vs blue

  5. Ninjas use a tactic where they don’t strike the sword when being attacked but the hand, when that happens the ninja land the final, killing blow. You should try that Ninja Fudgy

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