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  1. "People become monsters when they're lonely." Yeah… see. This is why i can't get into most indie games. They trade industry standard gameplay for "deep" storytelling and kind of blow themselves over how important their message is. Most of these are about as emotionally complex and narratively rich as your average Naruto filler arc. "Loneliness makes people monsters?" Really? Could it be any more pretentiously ham-fisted? I mention Naruto because that'sthe vibe I got when she described that premise.

    There are exceptions to the rule, of course. Inside, Journey, and a few others come to mind. But for every one of them there are like 50 Sea of Solitudes. Its like finding a needle on a haystack. And that's probably why Sony is investing heavily on AAA games these days instead of indie "experiences".

  2. IGN dramatically under-reviews indie games like this. Ignore the review value.
    IGN: RiME – 6.5; GRIS – 6.5; Sea of Solitude – 6.5.
    Metacritic (i.e. consensus critical opinion): RiME- 80%; GRIS – 84%; Sea of Solitude – 77% (currently).

  3. Huh, just saw this on the PlayStation store and was surprised to not seeing it before hand. Especially since it looks so nice. Might still pick it up, looks like an interesting game to study in terms of its narrative especially if it has all those issues.

  4. Most of the IGN videos with games which have average reviews have too many negative comments. This is becoming a trend. People should be able to tolerate negative criticism of their favourite games,except in cases the reviews are lazily made.
    This is just one review. You can know about it from other reviews or from IGN text review.

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