The Bitcoin Bull Run | Why central banks are fueling the hedge to crypto

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  1. Nick, Thanks so much for you July 2 video. The segment with Alex and the Ember Fund was terrific! I was so impressed that I just put 2 BTC into the DataDash Portfolio. The icing on the cake was the fee rebate on the first transaction. Otherwise, I was looking at 0.5 or 1 BTC as a starter. I'm looking to rebalance quarterly or maybe just every 4-6 months. I give the Ember Fund a 5* rating for ease of use, attractiveness of the site, ability to log on using multiple phones, virtually instant pricing updates. Look forward to following the DataDash portfolio changes and updates….for years to come.

  2. Not sure about emberfund, their Twitter is blocked and people that have tried to engage them in debate on Twitter were blocked. I like the idea of you managing a fund and I’d back that up, if you were getting paid to manage it. If it’s just ai rebalancing that can be done on other platforms. It also could be a few guys taking the btc in pocket and you watch a paper trade account app. Go to withdraw in 6 months and then find out

  3. I took my 14000 sell profit and bought a server. setting up 9 stake pools to test cardano. I love 30-40% corrections. love them. when we were both wrong on that 7000 retrace. forget that dip. rode the lightening up. if one door closes open up another. this is my planet these are my coins. Im new at trading one year in. I can pull lunch money emergency bill money even on a 5-10% dip. and yeah if rvn hits a 2 hour run. im on it. im not greedy i got a whole planet. shit take 5% of a bill pay sell toss it into the 2022 wallet let it go. buy the dip. did that testerday sold at 11410. BTC she got she shy, lost her stiff for the players dont like to hit it slow. she didnt pass me by. i made sure to give her her due respect. Im not greedy.

  4. Great video (as usual)! Do you buy those ALTS on given satoshi levels with BTC (transfer BTC into the alts) or do you open the positions with Fiat/USD?

  5. i bought into the datadash fund in ember wallet.
    Trying to understand how we make money – Nick trades ie. moves in and out of the market in those coins, and if /when its profitable, we share in that pool? Is that right?

  6. Hey Nick, thanks for sharing your insights! @8:30min you talk about alts and making 3x gains, would you point us to a guide/strategy on how to trade it? I want to learn, but it's deep forest when it comes to information 🙂 thanks a lot!

  7. Emberfund looks really interesting, its a same they don't allow you to have EOS as part of a fund. I guess it may be one that they add at a later date.

  8. hey, How does this work exactly? I mean If I make deposit on emberfund, will they make trades on my behalf and give me profits or they will just going to divide my portfolio into some coins at a certain ratio?

  9. Great interview today, will look into that, I do have some questions about it if you can reply to please.

    How do they rebalance the funds without access to the funds”keys” ??

    Will a rebalance of the fund create a taxable event every time. How does taxes work in this situation, or will be on withdraws, on profits only, or the whole amount??

    Thank you

  10. Awesome video, insight and analysis, thank you. Can you place your screen on the bottom left instead. Asset selection is on top left, price action and indicators are on the right side. Least useful info is bottom left.

  11. Love your videos. I sometimes don't understand everything, but please keep coupling financial analysis with crypto analysis. Really helps put things into perspective.

  12. Nick I was wondering what your opinion is on Wall Street getting in and the Future Markets? Wall Street is so fucking corrupt, and I’m concerned about them shorting the market.

  13. We cannot see the current price because of your picture in the lower right part of the screen. Would it be possible for you to put the picture at the top left or something like that?

  14. Great video. Price is now 10700 and my TA is saying higher we go. Expect a pullback perhaps at around the 14k level back down to firmly re-establish the 10K support. Note that (and you'll just have to take my word for it) I perfectly timed both the top and the bottom on that last pullback. My proprietary TA system is nearing absolute perfection. No one does TA like I do, and I don't teach my system to anyone but my own children lest everyone understanding it might adversely affect its performance. But that doesn't stop me from dropping occasional hints regarding where price is very likely going. I do like to help out my fellow crypto peeps because what's good for the space is good for everyone in the space.

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