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  1. -it will be set during the holidays
    -hopper will come back
    -(eleven is depressed, that’s why her powers have stopped working) hopper comes back, so do eleven’s powers
    -idk lol

  2. – will is gonna be happy (he has to be or I will riot)
    – eleven and wills family visit mike and their friends in Hawkins again and of course something happens and there’s a new monster
    -eleven gets her powers back and finds hopper in either Russia or the upside down

  3. Whenever Eleven said that she would see Mike at Thanksgiving maybe that means that the Duffer brothers are saying Season 4 will release Thanksgiving 2020.

  4. Khali / Eight is not coming back. She was probably the most hated character of the show. There was a reason they didn't use her for season three.

  5. If season 4 is the last season I think these things should happen:
    1. The kids are a lot older, like about to graduate high school and Will, Johnathan, Joyce, & Eleven come back to Hawkins for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
    2. Eleven gets her powers back and find Hopper in the upside down and team links up to stop another impeding invasion, courtesy of the Russians involvement.
    3. The older kids help prepare a new young vanguard of children (Erica and some of her peers) to fight demogorgans.

  6. Jim hopper straight up yeeted himself into the upside down. The russians proly want the portals on both sides for the purpose of an invasion. Eleven's powers will return but it will take time.

  7. Well I think from a different video the Duffers say 4 will be their last unless that’s been change and also I’m begging Netflix dosn’t throw this away like they did with Sant Clarita Diet

  8. El will get her powers back and then will look for hopper and will see him in the Russian prison then the whole gang will go to Russia and find the prison

  9. Guys listen hopper is dumb af he would just come inside with Joyce he would have lived but no he is tired and want die wtff??

  10. Not predictions – just angry little things about Season 3 and happy little hopes I have for Season 4:
    • Hated the character of Suzy. Hate hate hate loathe entirely. Found her to be very annoying and selfish.
    • Didn’t care for Kali and her gang at all from Season 2, hope she doesn’t come back for Season 4.
    • Hope Robin stays a lesbian and they don’t make her bi and start dating Steve. I hope they just stay close friends.
    • So pissed at Joyce for moving. Joyce broke up the band lol! When everyone needs each other most – she decides to move and split them apart by distance. Nice, Joyce, real nice.
    • Really hope Hopper is the American in the Russian jail.
    • Really hope Season 4 isn’t the final season.

  11. My series finale (what I would like to see for a closure)
    El and all the other test subjects find each other and use all their powers to destroy the upside down ending it forever

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