Bitcoin Trap Initiated (Sorry Bears!) July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. The correction seems to be completed and we may very well have seen the dip already but it must be noted that no one can for sure say exactly where the correction took place until it has actually happened. What that implies is that there is never a better time to start piling up the coins even though logically, those who bought at say $3,800 seem to be at advantage. A level playing ground though exists in trading as it presents a quicker way to turn in more coins without having to buy more. Learn to trade and do this or for a safer investment, its best to find a successful trader that gives out signals and then, copy them. Erik Larsson is one such example and in trading with his guidance, i grew 3btc at about $4,200 when i bought to 7btc in 2 weeks. There are several service providers to choose from but Erik's is the most accurate and easy to use and he can be reached by mail ( eriklarsson888@gmailcom or WhatsApp * +447426071628 ) for instruction on how to be a better trader

  2. how does this work though, how do u work this out, trading analyses, yes, but how how does one work this out?
    "……$12,448. A breakout, if confirmed, could be followed by a rise to or above the recent high of $13,880."

    quoted from an article, but i am trying to understand where does one find that there ws support besides watching the price bounce?

    can one see trades placed at a certain entry point , i am just trying to understand this, and is this for beginners or is this advanced ?
    I have no experience with charts and things yet, but i am just really interested and curious how one does tell these things… because there should surely be valid facts right ?

  3. Deribit doesn't let you trade from US… So when you come to Chicago.. If you are trading there on screen.. it might be a problem.

  4. I am sorry Krown, as much as I would like to sub and like your content, I do not want to share the content to the other participants in the market by increasing your popularity on YT by doing so.

  5. What about the Descending Wedge..we've had 3 lower highs and 2 lower lows. Unless we can break and maintain the 11.600 number, this thing will first head to 10,800 and the charts show that if it breaks that number, this thing is going back to 9,800 (or lower).

  6. So you gained 2 btc in a day or two…. damn brother… I need to come sleep over for a few weeks and watch you like a hawk. lol. I wanna learn everything your brain has to offer. I understand it as you are explaining everything.. but i'm still unclear as to what actually triggers you to initiate a trade. This bear trap tricked me good… once again, I make a trade to the wrong side at the exact bottom. I am like 7 for 7 at calling it wrong at a peak or at the bottom. I am extraordinarily excellent at getting it perfectly wrong. Still much to learn.

  7. I was hopeing to hear your opinion to the cme futures gap@8500$.
    It´s funny to see how every trader see something different in the same charts.
    In my view i see a downward channel and the chance to close this 8500$ gap in ~4d.

  8. Your the best my brother! What's the Freedom20 deal. Thanks Krown. Welcome back to America, greetings! Please reference to your programs I'd seriously consider them. Thanks for your tremendous efforts toward your audience and admires. Thanks, best wishes. Raa

  9. It will drop down from 12k to 9200/8500 , then bounce to 10k then maybe crash to 7200 as the bottom of this correction , just watch, i wil buy at 8600 because im not really sure it will crash that low as 7200

  10. This guy is a typical crypto youtuber – almost 1 hour with useless FAST talking – probably making more money from ads than from trading

  11. Thank you for your honesty I really appreciate that. Not something you see from those people on YouTube,Or anywhere in life for that matter. I’m looking forward to being able to afford those courses.Have a good day

  12. Hey Krown, been watching you since February now. Just wanted to tell you that you're videos are top of the line man. With a combination of your guidance and my own prior TA and trading knowledge, I've been able to triple my account during this insanely opportunistic market. From watching your videos I've learned what technical indicators hold more weight, and I've also switched to deribit to trade, which has been a blessing since you can only use cross margin. Keep up the masterful analysis, and never change, you are fucking hilarious

  13. hey Krown. is it possible to make some option trades with really low amount?. round about 0.001 bitcoin????? if its possible, could you show maybe for some seconds in one of your next streams??? thanks and still waiting for dojo…. just kidding

  14. BullaTard !!!!!! hahgahahhahah BTC has the effect on all of us here… Crazy ass life!!! this has become x thanks mmmannn!! Respect

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