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  1. Hiya I'm a sai2 user with some questions of how it fairs in comparision. My art method is sketch, ink on an inking layer over it, color with bucket tool on a layer below, fill in the holes then add texture using airbrush and some specially designed brushes for fur and hair and shading and highlights with tools designed for that (airbrush with the layer set to shade and highlight selecting by color or layer) then background behind that using similar tools. Do you believe that the art programs for the note 8 would allow my method? It was hard to tell if you used a solid ink layer or just a deeper sketch and I saw no use of bucket but that may be because or methods differ and it has those options too. Hoping you can tell me if it had the tools I would need to draw properly in my practiced style or if it'd end up more a doodle pad I couldn't do my full out art on

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  3. I AM a graphic designer …… this work the same SURFACE PRO OR I PAD 12.5"? tell me is this okay for me to make cartoons for animation ????

  4. Nice! There's no Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the market. I use the S Pen, Samsung pay, Samsung Dex… So for now I can see myself with any other phones

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