Donald Trump Votes For Bitcoin (Arcane Bear)

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We take a look at The Donalds mostbrecent tweet about money printing and why everyone needs to learn about the failed monetary system and inflation.


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  1. to everyone supportinh BTC and crypto i have to say 1 thing = Save YOUrself , it isnot your task to save others! If others want to be stupid they will eventually pay the price…Intellect will be rewarded! Stupidity will be punished.

    And that is a good thing. The world is full of dumb people who are enslaved by dumb people and also smart people enslaved by dumb people…with btc smart people can now prepare to find their freedom when a crash comes and stop being slaves of dumb people!

    If your family or friends want to be dumb let them BE!! they are just human beings..that you call family or friends. Its just a label, but beneath that label is just stupidity and love for comfort and dislike of change of justice…Let them BE, it doesn''t make you a horrible person…
    If you want to save dumb people do it at your own cost…that all, you can try..but i personally rather have they save themselves, and if the frog likes to sit in a slow cooking pot…i let the frog sit and i jump out myself instead of trying to save something not worth…

  2. Interesting video and scene! 👌Talking of Litecoin being ‘trashed’ against Bitcoin, I just checked and I noticed they’re ‘neck and neck’ over the last 6 months. Possibly Litecoin just ahead.

    Looking forward to future uptrend for both with the Bitcoin reward halving and Łitecoin OKEx Asian tour ‘in play’. 🏌️‍♂️..🌤

  3. My wife and I have been able to accumulate 300 acres of land, 1000 oz of silver, and 200 Litecoin. So does that make us members of the Bear family? 😊

  4. Donald Trump knows what he is doing and understands the “system” is evil and serves the elites only. He will bring it down before he leaves office. There is no way to fix the “system.” It must be ended and a return to sound money is our future…

  5. My good friend you have a kind heart and a beautiful energy. Pretty please be careful with ideas and theories from astro physicists… …some may say that plenty of these theories of space can be considered religion. Treat your spirituality with care as you always have. Take care🤙

  6. You are right about the monetary system. But Trump is playing a strategy with the central banks globally. He is stabilizing the trade deals to make the transition reset away from the Central bank system less jarring. Trump is well aware that these foreigners are in a race to the bottom.

  7. HERE IS THE TRUTH: You don't understand Trump's(The NSA's) plan yet. Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He is a man who is about to default on the private bank known as the Federal Reserve. He just blamed them in a tweet yesterday. So yeah, he is going to print a ton more money and get a lot of stuff paid for and then he is going to nationalize the Federal Reserve and reset the debt to Zero and probably create a currency backed by Gold and silver and hopefully Cryptos. Put the Jacuzzi on the credit card, we dont plan on paying it off.

    And why shouldn't he default? Where did the Fed get all that money they lent out to us? Its a bullshit ponzi scam that requires borrowing more to pay off the interest of the money you borrowed. Never ending debt cycles that only get bigger and bigger until it eventually crashes. Trump is going to replace this system. He is already replacing the manufacturing and the Global Trade Infrastructure. Its going to cut out a lot of the old folks and make things much better for the US. Trump is doing the US and the world an extreme solid.

  8. Great video.
    I think part of the problem is to many humans on this planet and to many psychopaths in positions of power. Psychopaths have no empathy for the wellbeing and health of the planet, they are attracted to power.
    Education is key. Teaching how to protect and preserve the limited resources on our beautiful planet like the old growth forests, oceans and the incredible wildlife and eco systems they contain.
    I grew up watching wildlife doco's etc and getting out into nature. It creates respect for the environment and you want to protect it, not destroy it.

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  10. Bix is a dumb ass and I was a dumb ass for listening to him when I first got into cryopto two years ago. But in my defense as soon as Bix started the lets ask a 1 800 psychic horse shit I quit listening to him immediately. .

  11. Why doesn't Bitcoin cash take off when it is cheaper to use and represents the original Bitcoin concept better….is it just gatekeepers have forced the Btc dominance

  12. Wow.. I've been to Antigua and stayed there for a month… really wonderful town with nice restaurants and coffee spots (local coffee is incredible), warm people, a really great town square where you can chill and peoplewatch on a park bench by the fountain… volcanoes in the distance… cool clean air

  13. Bernard Lietaer said, diversity and interconnectivity and let the useful currencies succeed without interference.. play the vigilant game and diversify your assets.. be ready for new technologies..

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