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  1. Why the hell would you put the original game above twilight princess, ya the original was the first game in the series but I wouldn’t say it was better than twilight princess, shouldn’t you maybe think about redoing this list and fix the list up a little bit.

  2. First off no zelda game sux all are awesome.
    I respect IGNs list…pretty solid
    I love wind walker ..OOT …link to the past …are my favorites.
    Majora and BOTW close behind

  3. Personal Top 10 Greatest Zelda Games of All Time:

    #1 Ocarina of Time
    #2 Link's Awakening DX
    #3 A Link Between Worlds
    #4 A Link to the Past
    #5 Breath of the Wild
    #6 The Minish Cap
    #7 Majora's Mask
    #8 Twilight Princess
    #9 Oracle of Ages
    #10 The Wind Waker

    Personal Top 10 Favorite of All Time:

    #1 A Link to the Past
    #2 Ocarina of Time
    #3 Oracle of Seasons
    #4 Link's Awakening DX
    #+ Majora's Mask 3D
    #5 Oracle of Ages
    #6 Majora's Mask
    #7 A Link Between Worlds
    #8 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    #9 The Wind Waker
    #10 The Minish Cap

  4. Twilight princess as 8??? I love how you can really tell that the people who make these lists never ever played the game…if they did they would smack themselves for putting a masterpiece that low

  5. holy shit…I was like is this a joke? no breath of the wild?…then I saw the date…. But I still think ocarina is better than link to the past.

  6. 10 – Legend of Zelda (NES)

    9 – Skyward Sword

    8 – Minish cap

    7 – Oracle of Seasons

    6 – Link´s Awakening

    5 – Majora´s Mask

    4 – Twilight Princess

    3 – Wind Waker

    2 – A link to the Past

    1 – Ocarina of Time

  7. My personal preference:

    1. Ocarina of Time
    2. Windwaker
    3. Breath of the Wild
    4. Link's Awakening
    5. Majora's Mask
    6. Oracle of Ages/Seasons
    7. Twilight Princess
    8. A Link to the Past
    9. Skyward Sword
    10. Minish Cap

    Note: Never played Twilight Princess, didn't finish Skyward Sword or Link to the Past, but I can't for the life of me imagine they would be under Minish Cap which I played from start to finish. And IGN actually put Oracle of Ages under Link Between Worlds, that's just an insult…

  8. The reviewer clearly says that these places are based on innovation and structure not most popular or best gameplay (as that would be subjective anyway) the list as far as I can see is right on the money!

    1. Link to the past
    Definitive 2D

    2.Ocarina of time
    Definitive 3D

    All other Zeldas differ in detail only.

    I agree with the list.

  9. Zelda games I've played:
    Not ranked from best 5o worst
    1. Twilight Princess:
    2. Breath of the Wild: fantastic!
    3: Skyward Sword: fi Is annoying, but the game and story is still great!
    4:Oot: I haven't completed, I've got the master sword, and now I'm stuck in the second forest temple, help!
    5: Majora's Mask: – _ – I really need help on
    6: wind waker: I'm in the forest temple,
    Overall I think that: Twilight Princess is my favourite, because it was my first Zelda game 5hat I played.

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